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Emergent Insight

Business Schools

Want to build your own simulation? You can! We’ll work with you to build a case under your school’s brand with one of your corporate partners.

Our goal is to get these new types of simulations out there, and we want to work with innovative business schools to do it. As of 2013, 97% of students undergraduate age or younger will play videogames, and it is predicted by 2014 70% of the Global 2000 brands will have joined the “gaming revolution.” We want to work with you to put your business school at the top of this movement.

By partnering with us, we can help craft a simulation that will cater to your students and professors, increase school awareness and generate an ongoing stream of funding for your program:

  • Using games, the U.S. Army showed the ability to reach 30% of their entire demographic country wide. They also saw players be 40% more likely to volunteer.
  • Your case will leverage your corporate partners and professors to craft the material just the right material for your program.
  • Once complete, we can publish your case at other business programs to generate funding for your school.

Your students benefit, your corporate partners benefit and your program benefits. Better yet, there is no downside to act now and by doing so your school will maintain a position of leadership for years to come. So, sign up for our newsletter and send us an e-mail!


Sleek, simple and engaging, our simulations use the data from real world brands infused into a theoretical simulation model that will put your students in the executive’s chairs of some of the most well-known brands in the world.

As they face the real crises those companies faced, they will get to make their own choices and collaborate with other students to drive the company forward. Like the Kobayashi Maru, the simulations will provide random elements to each game and give feedback to the students’ specific decisions with the overall outcome being secondary.

These tools will help to teach critical thinking and self-development as much as or more so than just memorization of business skills. And, thankfully, these tools will be crafted by critical acclaimed game designers using 21st century best practices giving you a powerful ally in the classroom that makes your teaching easier, more effective and more engaging.

Want to help us? Please sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook and invite a colleague to check us out! We will invite you to the early beta tests so you have the opportunity to help us design the first product for the needs of your classroom. With your support, we can begin to make a major impact that can empower your teaching and help you better prepare your students for success!


Games! We know, and it is about time too. We’re from the internet generation as well, and get that today 97% of us are gamers.

It’s time for critically acclaimed game designers to start building products that make the 8-hours a day we are in class more entertaining as well. And, you already know with games you can learn faster too. So, not only are you having a good time, but you can spend less time doing it.

Are you ready for your professors to say, “Tonight your homework is to play a game?”

Then like, tweet and sign up right now! With your support, we’ll start putting you in the executive’s chair of your favorite companies and brands to learn what it takes to tackle the crises they face and thrive in today’s 21st century business world.

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